Detect fake facebook pages

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Er det fake

Towards the end of 2016, my facebook feed was filled with fake giveaways. A trend had appeared where Facebook pages disguised themselves as legitimate brands, offering competitions to win popular products, such as Playstations, iPhones and fully-paid vacations.

The catch? There were no winners and while the pages were getting likes and their posts spread all across Facebook, the team behind started sharing links to get products extremely cheap, you just had to enter your credit card details. Of course, they only mention the monthly fee, in a small note no one sees - and suddenly users who think they are entering a competition to win an iPhone suddenly see themselves paying DKK 299,- ($50) a month.

I decided it couldn't be true that we as internet users, had to keep seeing these pages - so as a develop I created a website which uses an algorithm to detect the fake pages. That website is "erdetfake.dk" (is it fake .dk)

The website was featured in an article by Danish newspaper Politikken

Project Details


Frontend developer in ASP.net MVC, backend in C#. Hosted on Azure and using Table Storage